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Full Packing Service Now Included






1. We'll Pack >>


Due to covid-19 we understand that you may have left some or all of your belongings behind in your halls or private accommodation, In light of this we now provide a bespoke packing service, whereby there's no need for you to return to your accommodation. We can store your belongings or arrange for them to be shipped to you, wherever you are in the world. If you've received a discount coupon from your university or accommodation provider, you'll need to enter this when obtaining a quote on our website to receive your free packing service, If you've not received one of these codes, please use discount code: UNIPACK20

Please note, if you've already packed and there's no need for our packing service. Please use discount code: NOPACK20. This will reduce your cost by 20%

If you have a specific request, i.e. what you do and don't want us to pack, or where we should pick up your keys from, please make a note of this in the comments section when placing your order. 

Our staff are trained to export standards and pack your boxes in such a way, they'll be fit for overseas shipping should the need arise. Glass and crockery items are protected with bubble wrap and packing tissue, and any voids filled with softer items to ensure no movement within the box.

For your protection all packing is done under full surveillance, our staff record the packing process from start to finish. Each box is secured, sealed and ID'd all managed through your online account. 

When placing an order you'll be asked to select a delivery date for packing materials, traditionally this would be done a few days before collection was due. Under these circumstances please select the packing materials delivery date as the day before your desired collection date, we encourage you to select a collection date that's a few days before your tenancy agreement with your accommodation provider ends. (We'll pack and collect your belongings on the same day)




2. We'll Collect >>


We're in constant communication with building manangers and landlords throughout the entire packing and collection process, meaning you don't need to be present. Please note, we understand that you need to provide a timeslot for your accommodation team, this will be emailed to you within 48 hours of placing your order.

You're not expected to estimate an exact number of boxes, however through experience an average student uses 4-5 of our boxes, we therefore encourage you to place an order within this range, any discrepancies found when belongings are packed can be adjusted on your invoice. 

Remember, our staff are professional packers, they'll make use of every available inch of space within your boxes, meaning you'll receive great value



3. We'll Store >>


Under these circumstances you're not expected to have an exact date for the return of your belongings, meaning you'll be unsure on the length of time you'll require storage, Therefore we encourage you to leave the delivery date field blank when obtaining your quote on our website. This will default to 3 months storage, as ever any discrepancies can be adjusted on your invoice when a return date is finalised. Our storage rate is set @ £1 per week per box once the 3 month storage period has ended.

If there's items you don't want us to pack and move, please make a note in the comments section when placing your order. 

Larger items that won't fit into boxes can still be stored, we calculate the cost based on the overall volumetric measurements in comparison to our box. For example an art folder won't fit into one of our boxes, however it is approximately equal to 1 of our boxes.

Your boxes and other items will be stored for as long as you want in one of our specialist storage facilities near to your university.



4. We'll Deliver


When you're certain of a delivery date, update your online account and we'll return your belongings to you as soon as the next day, delivery to anywhere in the UK mainland is included within our price, perfect for students returning to a different city.

You may wish to have your belongings shipped overseas, we work with all the major shipping companies around the globe to ensure you get the best possible service and value, should this be the case we kindly ask you to contact us with the destination details before making a booking, we'll then provide you with an accurate cost per box.

Flexibility is key during a crisis like this, being able to adapt to evolving situations is what we take pride in.

This is why when you order with us, you have the flexibility to amend and update all aspects of your storage as often as required, in your account you can change addresses and delivery dates as frequent as is necessary, this gives you total piece of mind that although in our care ,you're belongings will always be in your control.

"Go home with confidence, this summer"