Got questions about our service? No worries. Here are some of the most common questions we receive from our customers which currently include our COVID-19 packing service. Please have a look for the information you require and if you still have questions, just get in touch! You can get in touch through the Contact Us page or the phone number/email address at the bottom of the site. Thanks!


Please use the code: UNIPACK20 when placing your order, we'll then know that you require our tailored packing service.
Our rates can be found on our website. Enter an amount of boxes/suitcases and a length of time in storage. These rates are all-inclusive and include packing materials, full packing service (WhatsApp video call on packing day) collection, storage and re delivery to anywhere in the UK. 
We'll be in Cardiff University between 29th June - 24th July. Once you have a confirmed timeslot with them please update us. We'll be at most residences daily.
Please select your pick-up date for storage and packing materials delivery date anytime inbetween these dates. WhatsApp video calling from our packers can be arranged once we've provided you a timeslot. 
We'll be in Plymouth University on 7th July. When placing your order with us, please select your pick-up date for storage and packing materials delivery date as either of these dates. WhatsApp video calling from our packers can be arranged once we've provided you a timeslot. 
We understand that the The University of Exeter require our arrival time - We'll be at the university daily throughout July packing up neighboring students, so if that slot is not available when booking with them please try another, please note we're in constant communication with the accommodation managers so they are fully aware of our schedule.
We can serve you wherever you are in the UK and we even pack and collect from private homes and residences. You let us know when is best for you!
I don't need a packing service
If you've already packed your belongings into sturdy boxes/suitcases before returning home, you can you use the discount code: NOPACK20. This will reduce your overall price by 20%.
I've already packed some of my belongings, but still need SSC to finish my packing
We understand that some of you may have already packed up some of your belongings, despite this when placing your order, please still request our packing service using discount code: UNIPACK20 and do include these in your estimated number of boxes/suitcases being stored.

There are items in the kitchen and other areas that are not mine, how do I inform you of this?


If you have items in a communal area, lets us know when placing your order in the 'comments section' we'll call you via live video chat on the day of packing and you can show us what's yours.

I have items that are not suitable for a box like a laundry basket
Please list these as either a box or suitcase when placing your order.

I have a suitcase or luggage in my room, will you use this for packing


Where possible we will use your luggage/suitcase to pack your belongings, only if we think it's safe to do so.

I don't know how many boxes I will need
We encourage students to reserve for a minimum of 5 boxes when placing an order. Any discrepancies once packing is completed can be adjusted on your final invoice.
I don't know long I will need storage 
Unless you know differently, we encourage students to reserve for a minimum of 12 weeks storage. Any discrepancies once you confirm a final delivery date with us can be adjusted on your final invoice.
The University of Exeter Booking Process on SSC Website
When placing an order you'll be asked to select a delivery date for packing materials, traditionally this would be done a few days before collection was due. Under these circumstances please select the packing materials delivery date as the 15th June. (We'll pack and collect your belongings on the 16th June)
Key holder Information & Special Instructions
When placing your order, you have the opportunity to leave instructions in the 'comments section'Please use this to tell us about any special packing instructions, items to leave, key holder contact details etc...


Which universities do you serve?

We cater for students of any and all universities across the entire UK.  We specialise in the major cities such as London, Cambridge and Manchester, but we also work with students from universities such as Aberystwyth, Cardiff, Keele, Edinburgh and more.  We can deliver your boxes and collect your things from anywhere in the country.

How long has the Student Storage Company been around?

We have been looking after people's things for over 20 years now! We started as a family business based here in the UK and have always taken pride in providing a personal and friendly service. There are now a large number of other companies providing storage for students but we are one of the originals and still provide that personal touch. You can contact us any time and best of all - we are real people on the other end of the line!

Are my possessions insured?

Each of the boxes you trust to us are covered by £50 liability insurance, regardless of how many you use.  You also have the option to purchase additional insurance if you require.

What if I'm not sure when I finish for the summer?

If you aren't sure of the exact date you want us to collect your things, don't stress! You can rearrange the date as many times as you like - so long as you tell us the date, (once you know it!) we'll be there to grab your gear.

What if I'm not sure of my return date?

No problem! You can keep it flexible and your options open. You can rearrange your delivery date as many times as necessary - just keep us informed and we'll work around you!

I don't know for sure where I will be living next year?

Not a problem. Arranging your accommodation for next year can be hard work and sometimes last minute.  Having your things returned to the right place though is one thing you don't need to worry about - just let us know when you know where you'll be and we'll see you there!

What if I decide last minute to go traveling or take a year out?

We understand that student life is dynamic, exciting and often impulsive! If you decide you want to go traveling for a year or to go walk the Great Wall of China, swim with dolphins or climb a mountain then good for you - why not! We can still collect your things and even store them while you are away or of course, we can deliver them back to an alternative address, such as a family address while you are off on your adventures!

What if I need my things back sooner than the date  I booked?

As we know, plans change and that's fine by us! If you need your things back sooner than you originally booked, just let us know and we will rearrange your delivery. Simple as that. You may well also be eligible for a refund on some of the storage depending on the exact dates.

Do I have to pay anything up front?

Yes, we do charge 50% of your quote at the time of booking.

Do I have to use your boxes?

We send out our own packing boxes to all customers because they are sturdy and solid and also of uniform sizes which makes it easier to manage and provide you with the best service. We ask that all items are packed into our boxes otherwise we cannot accurately account for the number required or the sizes, etc.

All my clothes are packed in a suitcase - do I need to put them in a box?

No, not at all. If you have clothes packed in a suitcase, that's absolutely fine. We can collect suitcases but we do ask that they are no more than 30kg in weight.

Where will my things be stored?

We store people's valued possessions in one of our modern, secure, cosy and dry facilities across the UK. We have access to these facilities every day of the year which is why we can be totally flexible in collecting and delivering your things whenever you need us to.

"Go home with confidence, this summer"